Chantal Lieu

Chantal Lieu


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Chantal Lieu is an illustrator based in Cambridge, Ontario. She loves drawing animals and creating fun illustrations using a mix of digital collage and traditional textures. She strives to encourage children and adults to explore their imaginations and seek different ways of looking at the world around them.

In her spare time, she loves to play video games, read web novels, and watch capybara videos with her dog.

The Rising Star

The Rising Star is a children’s book that follows the story of Alphonse, an ordinary armadillo. With the school talent show coming up, Alphonse tries to find his special talent. However, he struggles while his classmates easily show off their skills. Will he be able to shine on stage and become a star?

Book Cover Set – Percy Jackson

This series of book covers is based on the Percy Jackson series in celebration of its 20th anniversary in 2025. Each book features monsters and scenes the protagonist encounters throughout the series, offering snapshots of key moments to capture the fans’ imaginations.

Lunar Tea

Lunar Tea is a fictional tea packaging design inspired by the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Each zodiac’s lucky flower inspired the tea flavours and features as decorative elements in each composition.