Carrie Jia

Carrie Jia


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Carrie Jia is a Toronto-based illustrator and designer. She possesses a deep passion for exploring world issues and finds joy in listening to the diverse stories of others. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world and live with many many cats.

Jon Klassen Award

Run, for the Fire Approaches

A series of illustrations inspired by the Depeche Mode studio album, Memento Mori, depicts the choices and regrets of individuals amidst the backdrop of war and turmoil.

Oops! My bad

These illustrations capture the moment when my friends and I head to Costco, only to realize we’ve forgotten to bring the membership card.

White Snake

This series of illustrations is inspired by Yan Ge Ling’s short story White Snake. It captures the clandestine love between two women in an era of poverty and red terror.

Play It Loud 

Illustrations to celebrate the vibrant diversity of youth and music.