Caleb Zeiger

Caleb Zeiger


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Zeigarian (a.k.a. Caleb Zeiger) is a workaholic obsessed with anything vibrant and spooky.  

Whether working on animations, posters, or environments, he always finds a way to make it dramatic, extra, and fun through vibrancy and textures! Caleb finds inspiration among the monsters, villains, and artists in horror—especially the ways in which they subvert masculine and feminine expectations. He hopes to see more of himself in the media one day, too.


This comic is about the loss of my best friend and mentor, right after she helped me grieve over the death of my father, and her brother. By making this comic, I want to empower and give hope to others who have gone through something similar, and let them know that they aren’t alone in this hazy world.

Professor Posters

What started as praise from my favourite teacher quickly became an exciting way to push and experiment with what I could do. Some of these teachers are the best hype men around, but some saved my life by fixing my iPad multiple times. Either way, I’m happy to give these professors a poster embedded with their style and palette.

Sparks on Sight

In Zeigarian’s first Procreate Dreams animation, he explores a narrative about connecting with someone through eye contact, just for them to be gone the next moment. Dedicated to the people afraid to be themselves: shoot your shot, be cringe, and have fun. In a world of dull grey, be the most vibrant you can be!

Melancholic Postcards

From grieving the loss of your only friend to the uncertainty and fear of the future. Will you make it out okay, or will something worse happen? There’s only one way to find out, through a leap of faith. Maybe you will discover this melancholic sadness isn’t so bad.