Bori Wellisch

Bori Wellisch


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Bori is an illustrator and art educator who draws inspiration from her Hungarian roots and the natural world. She captures a whimsical style that uses an imaginative mix of tactile texture and found material. Bori creates imperfectly beautiful illustrations that capture the simpler moments in life.

In her educational practice, she loves to help students build off their personal interests and push them out of their comfort zones through a student-led approach.

Mirror, Mirror

A picture book in kamishibai-style, a form of traditional Japanese storytelling that transforms story time into a theatre-like performance.

The story follows a little girl who wants to grow up too fast and be like her mom.

“We Have Pasta at Home”

A series of pasta sauce packaging for the family-owned business, Hearth Family Pasta. The series includes three sauces representing three members of the family and a collector’s box. To see more of this project, including detailed shots, click here.

Textured Anatomy

Children love gross and slimy!

This series of anatomical posters educates young audiences about the human body’s inner workings. I wanted to represent each body part with an engaging texture that will keep children entertained and engaged with the subject.

One with Nature

Two oil paintings explore the connection between the human body and nature.