Béatrice Bui-Tremblay

Béatrice Bui-Tremblay


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Béatrice is a Vietnamese-Canadian illustrator from Montreal. She creates intricate, detailed work with delicate penmanship in traditional media. Her pieces explore the yearning for connection and ache of attachment so prevalent in modern culture, evoking a haunting nostalgia with her skewed sense of beauty.

Strawberry Jam 

A sequential infographic brochure illustrating an easy and beginner-friendly way to make strawberry jam. The artist used a limited colour palette to convey each step in a simplified and less intimidating manner.

Alphabet of Dreams

Alphabet of Dreams, a picture book, consists of a collection of dreams told in alphabetical format. The book transports you through different journeys as each character ventures into a warm embrace or an eerie ordeal.

A Wonderful Surprise

A wordless short story about a girl who finds herself in an unfamiliar environment.

She decides to climb her way up where she finds herself surrounded by her favourite flowers.