Annabelle Hui

Annabelle Hui


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Annabelle Hui is a Toronto-based illustrator with a passion for creativity and a vibrant spirit. With her dynamic use of line and expressive brushstrokes, she enjoys infusing her artwork with emotion and energy. Annabelle excels at blending abstract elements with surrealism, creating captivating visual narratives that explore the interconnectedness between individuals and the world around them.

The Babel

If, at the stroke of three in the morning, a stranger abruptly intruded into your abode, would you feel fear? Who is she, exactly? Along the path of escape, the enigma gradually unfolds in this picture book based on a poem. 


Some talents are like natural diamonds, instantly drawing attention once they appear. Others are endowed with luck, emerging in fields and eras of focus, thus smoothly traversing through. And then there are some, perhaps the majority, that need constant polishing, excavation, self-recognition, and recognition by others. Maybe they are not even so welcomed in certain circumstances.

To this talented world, and to you in solitude. Discover more in this self-help picture book.

Lucid Dreaming

It seems that modern individuals are failing in their negotiation with information.

Around this theme, I created a storyboard that combines collage and painting techniques, aiming to inspire people to rediscover themselves amidst the sea of fragmented information.

A Comic Inspired by the Novel The Snowman

This is a series of comics created based on Jo Nesbø’s crime novel, The Snowman. The narrative depicts the character awakening in the depths of the night, reminiscing upon the occurrences of the day before drifting back into slumber once more.

During the meal, Harry’s ex-girlfriend asks him how the concert was that he took her son to last time. He took her son to a Slipknot concert. Harry wakes up in the middle of the night, recalling the dinner and feeling very frustrated, and eventually falls back asleep to the broadcast of election results.