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Anna Payne


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Anna Payne is an illustrator and fine artist who lives to share joy through her art. Born and raised in London, ON, Anna calls many places home, including the rocky banks of Newfoundland and the GTA. She completed the Specializations program at BealArt in 2020 before moving to Sheridan to hone her skills. She has since participated in a variety of exhibitions, including the annual Bealart Year End Show in 2019 and 2020 and the 19 Themes exhibit in 2023. Nowadays her artistic endeavors include narrative art, motion illustration, cartoons and animation, music, and ceramics. When she’s not buried in a project, you can find Anna cuddling with her cat, cooking obscene amounts of pasta, or exploring local wooded areas with her partner.

Great Big Sea Hove

When a great tidal surge crashed upon the shore of Bonavista, Newfoundland in 1920, it completely reshaped the coast and tore apart the land. Despite the devastation, the folks of the harbour rallied together and became more resilient in their rebuilding. The tune that emerged from the tragedy serves as a testament to the good nature and strength of the people of Newfoundland. This animation of the “Great Big Sea Hove” reintroduces the story to a new generation in a familiar format.

Oakville Postcards

A series of postcards depicting a daily walk to the convenience store in uptown Oakville. We can always find beauty in the mundane if we are willing to see it.

Fables of Rainspell

This lineup reimagines the characters of Daisy Meadows’ popular Jr. novel series, Rainbow Magic, in the context of an animated TV series. The redesigned characters address issues of diversity within the original book series. Cartoons can have an incredibly positive influence on the growth and development of their audiences. Characters who reflect the diversity and experiences of the audience have a better chance of supporting a healthy sense of identity in their viewers.

The Red Witch Spire

In the original murder mystery series The Red Witch Spire, the staff of the Red Witch’s manor work together to unravel the culprit of the Red Witch’s suspicious death. The title card and character design collection were used for the animation of the proposed show’s title sequence. The Red Witch Spire is a collaborative project with fellow graduates Skyler Allati (art direction) and Sharon Tan (typography and animation).

Story of the Seasons

Story of the Seasons is a narrative calendar depicting the life cycle of the Triple Goddess. Originating from Pagan religions, this deity embodies the changing seasons, the cycles of the sun, and the journey of womanhood. Born at the cusp of spring, the goddess nurtures the land and animals well into the summer and fall until she reaches the end of her life come wintertime. Each month of the calendar shows the Triple Goddess at a different age, celebrating the changes in life and nature.