Angelica Mi

I love creating narrative illustrations that explore the relationships between different characters and the worlds they inhabit.

I’m captivated by the influence of Noir and work with bold, black shapes to depict characters that explore the role of women in our world.

My art defies any specific categorization—it reflects my essence.

Tales of Loss, Blizzard and Faith

A visual storytelling project that showcases the worlds and characters from “Tales of Loss, Blizzard, and Faith.” The illustrations encapsulate the core narratives that define each story in the series.

Compelling illustrations combine with rich storytelling to offer an emotionally engaging representation of this original series.

The Chronicles of Nature’s Wrath

These activist postcards are a rallying cry to awaken society to the looming dangers of climate change, the destructive forces of nature, and the devastation of the planet by human war. Embarking on this transformative journey, I guide readers through a captivating narrative led by a resilient black cat who navigates a world besieged by ecological upheaval and natural disasters. From the unrelenting fury of hurricanes to the haunting silence of melting icebergs, from the ravages of wildfires to the poignant desolation of deforested landscapes, this groundbreaking series will immerse readers in the harsh realities of our evolving world.

All Crows are Black

This project is a short four-panel comic that delves into life’s simple philosophies. Through dialogue between a flock of crows and a seagull, the images aim to convey to the viewer some straightforward yet often overlooked truths about life.