Andrea Barlow

Andrea Barlow

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Andrea Barlow is a Canadian illustrator from Niagara, Ontario. Andrea loves monsters and dragons and wants everyone to know. They are an illustrator of comics, storybooks, concept art, and fantasy. They believe that the best stories are a little strange. Andrea spends their time drawing, drinking fancy coffee, and discovering places they haven’t yet been.

Kelvin’s Island: Monster Manual

An illustrated guide about the mythical beasts of Kelvin’s Island, a strange land where monsters are real. It has everything you need to know to stay safe while exploring…probably.

The Radio: Transmissions from the end of the world

A storybook about the end of the world and beyond, narrated through the radio reception of a lonely survivor.

Stone and Heart

A comic about a cathedral gargoyle and a cemetery angel who fall in love from afar. Since they are both stone statues—unmoving, trapped on their perches—they are destined to remain apart. But they’ll make the most of it.