Andie Borbely

Andie is an illustrator currently living in Oakville, Ontario.  

Being a full-time admirer of all media, her work is a combination of both traditional and digital. It is common to find texture, patterns, florals, and lots of colour in her illustrations.  

Besides painting pretty things, you can catch her wearing the funkiest earrings she can find and worrying if she has overwatered her plants.

Where did all of Aurora’s friends go?

Follow Aurora the bee as she tries to find her pals in a world that isn’t quite made for them anymore.

By Design

A book for all those who feel like they are somehow behind in life. There is no need to compare to others, you are wonderful just the way you are.

Chameleon: The Bisexual Experience

A set of editorial images that illustrate quotes gathered from the bi+ community. I hope to give my community a bit of the representation I feel is lacking at times.

Cover Illustrations