Amy Chen

I’m a concept and motion graphic artist. My artwork is largely inspired by the stories I craft. I am passionate about narrative illustration and cinematic composition, drawing inspiration from history and the books I’ve immersed myself in. My pieces serve as a reflection of my thoughts and creative vision.

“Taboo” RPG demo
“Taboo” is an interactive narrative-oriented role-playing game (RPG) I developed independently. It focuses on storytelling, where the player needs to complete in-game quests to advance the plot and read later episodes. The demo tells the story of a girl with a discriminated magical talent and an encounter with a vampire in a magical land, which unfolds to reflect on the society they live in.

The Hidden Monsters
This collection of animation concepts centres around monsters transformed by pathological negative emotions. The conceptual design employs the metaphor of monsters to convey how sickness prevalent in modern society intertwines with human existence.

Choose your destiny
“Choose your destiny” is a set of tarot cards designed with my original characters and stories in mind. I designed the deck by combining tarot cards with the stories of my original characters. Each card has an upright design and a reversed design, representing both sides of the character’s story.