Alicia Phen

Alicia Phen


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Alicia Phen, a Toronto-based illustrator and designer, has a penchant for worlds far from her own. Her work treads the space between heavy thought and whimsy and often weaves in a narrative quality. While she is open to stylistic experimentation, her work remains unified in its playful colours and attempts to capture the myth and magic of every day.

Seasonal Hymn: 2025 Calendar

Based on the myth of Persephone and Demeter, this calendar narrates an earnest account of a mother experiencing love and loss for her child. By linking the cyclical nature of the seasons to a perpetual cycle of grief, this project explores the sorrows of mourning someone who has not yet passed.


Sickly, intoxicating, destructive—yet, tempting all the same. Houndstooth is a tongue-in-cheek perfume branding and packaging design project born from the myth of Pandora’s Jar. Each scent is based on one of the seven evils and toys with a playful description that captures the eccentric tone of the collection.

Theo & Genevieve

Theo & Genevieve is a character design and title card project created for a conceptual animated series of the same name. The story follows two tween cousins and the fantastical misadventures the pair get up to as they navigate the horrors of girlhood and the otherworldly oddities hiding in the shadows of their small town of Huckleborough.

Snail Mail

Inspired by a long overdue walk in the woods, Snail Mail is a postcard set that follows the call to adventure of a young girl and her snail.