Addly Harrigan

Addly Harrigan


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Addly Harrigan specializes in digital and traditional illustration (markers, graphite or pencil crayon primarily), occasionally combining both mediums when it feels right.

Inspired by his love for surrealism and graphic elements, he strives to convey a marriage of these two artistic traits in order to create work that feels unusual, and different. He entertains the strange ideas of himself, as well as his peers, because he feels that the best ideas are the ones that can never be eye-witnessed in everyday life.

TOR Project – Book Cover and Spot Illustrations

A series of illustrations for a novel. The story follows a mysterious young woman who can transform into various of creatures. The book cover’s palette, muted with prominent reds, highlights the horror elements of the story. This gives the piece an unsettling presence and moody quality.  

Cereal Collectible Keychains – Thesis #1 A series of concept

Illustrations for a business campaign/fundraiser for endangered butterflies. Five collectible keychains in select General Mills cereal boxes contain a little card with a call to action: “Save the Butterflies Initiative.” Each card also depicts a custom version of each cereal brand’s mascot.

Forest/Space Project – Designs

This piece reimagines space and the planets and stars contained within. Space is like a smörgåsbord for our eyes, full of tasty snacks. As such, all the planets are illustrated as foods you would find on a smörgåsbord, depicted with bold colours to resemble the beauty found in space.