Abigail Curtis

Abigail Curtis


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I am a British-Canadian artist and illustrator from Toronto who draws inspiration from literature, mythology, and music. I often use symmetry and fine-detailed linework. Driven by order, I strive to make my work both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I am interested in etymology, taxonomy, and data organization.

The Floriographer’s Tarot

The 22 cards of the major arcana from a tarot deck. This set is inspired by the practice of floriography, also known as the language of flowers: an encrypted form of communication popularized in the Victorian era. Each card displays one or more flowers whose symbolic meaning aligns with that of its chosen card.

Medical Macabre

A set of four illustrations in the style of 1800s medical journals, depicting practices used in that era.


A set of promotional media for a fictional music festival, ‘Zonfiro.’ I designed a logo and wordmark using custom lettering. This promotional set includes a poster, Instagram carousel, stickers, trailer, and app mockup.

The Four Seasons

For this project I reimagined Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons as a set of four novels. Drawing inspiration from both the music and accompanying sonnets to create book covers for each book in the series.


A short concept video of the level selection area for my game IDIOMANIA. A fun educational puzzle game for learning idioms through literal visual representations.