Abbie Siu

Ever wondered what happened to that bug kid from elementary school? Hi, it’s me, and I’m an illustrator now! 

My name is Abbie Siu, and I love illustrating whimsical stories that ignite your inner child. I hope to capture life’s small, fantastical moments through playful colour palettes and lively characters. When I’m not hunched over my desk drawing, you can find me tending to my numerous plants and animals or scouring the streets for new treasures.


A short motion-graphic film about clothing as a love language between different generations of women. The film centers on a young lamb who is too embarrassed to wear a sweater that her grandmother made for her mother when her mother was young, finding it dingey and out of style with her underwater peers. However, when the lamb gets older and moves away for college, she finds comfort in wearing the sweater as it reminds her of home.

The Cricket’s Song

A visual development package exploring two cities in a world built on a great oak tree. One city is built on a giant mechanical cricket that moves along the trunk of the tree, while the second city is amongst the tree’s incredibly expansive branches.

Vegetable Soup

A series of illustrations inspired by the city of Octavia from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The city may hang precariously in place, but as long as this cabbage can sink into a hot bath at the end of the day, they are carefree. The text in the illustrations is from the song “Vegetable Soup” by The Wiggles.