Yuee Huang

Yuee Huang is an illustrator interested in scientific illustration, children’s books, and motion graphics. She attempts to integrate her nursing background with a visual language to explore the new possibilities and joy that images can bring to people. She excels at using bright colours and agile lines to draw animals and characters. Her drawing inspiration comes from the beauty of science, nature, and life’s precious moments.

Animal Star Weekly: Special Edition of ‘Hidden’ Animals

Description: Animal companions, are you still struggling with losing your habitats? Are you still surviving while evading hunters? The Animal Star newspaper special edition reveals the secrets of endangered animals, allowing you to hear the voices of these survivors and embark on a new life of coexistence with humans.

2523: Adventurer’s Botany Guide

In 2523, frequent earthquakes and extreme climates forced humans to modify evolved plants for survival. Adventurer Yuee documented plant characteristics in various extreme environments, revealing how new explorers could use them to survive.

Would You Like Some Ice Cream?

It is said that elves and humans coexist, but that elves do not want to appear in front of the world. However, that’s not entirely true. Who doesn’t like a dollar ice cream? The elves were tempted and went on a journey to search for delicious ice cream.

FiFi’s Diary: Start Point·Toronto

This children’s book tells the story of a little mouse who is forced to leave home and embark on an adventure in Toronto to find a new purpose in life. It’s a delightful travel guide to Toronto, filled with childlike wonder, while also expressing the confusion and self-exploration that people go through when entering a new stage of their lives.

Animated Stickers: What If?

Daily Moments of Famous Paintings under each work.

What if he gets hungry?

What if she wants to work out?

What if she gets tired?

What if she kicks his face?

What if she wants to laugh?

What if they want to kiss harder?