Ying Wang

Ying is an illustrator based in Toronto whose passion for exploring diverse styles, textures, and vibrant colors is evident in her illustrations. Her works have a unique ability to transport viewers to different experiences and places, creating a captivating visual journey for her audience.

Ying’s creative process is deeply rooted in her childhood memories, which she draws upon to create vivid depictions of mountain scenery and cultural monuments. Her work is a testament to her ability to blend traditional and contemporary artistic elements to create compositions that intend to evoke a powerful emotional response in her viewers.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Ying is an up-and-coming illustrator whose work will hopefully captivate audiences for years to come.


A series of surreal illustrations depicting explorations of dreams through a central bunny character. Although dreams can often seem strange and unfamiliar, they can also act as distorted mirrors reflecting our own reality.

Bread and Milk and Salt

A mock book cover illustration for a fictional short story by Sarah Gailey about a shape-shifting fairy and a boy.


A children’s book about the meeting of two personified stars who come to Earth and fall in love.

What a Wonderful Memory

A series of posters about memories of my hometown. As the capital of China, Beijing is constantly developing and progressing, but to me, Beijing is not just a city. It is a representation of my experiences and nostalgia for my upbringing.