Yiming Huang

Renee Huang is a highly innovative illustrator who possesses a strong passion for the gaming industry and visual development. She is actively seeking opportunities to work with clients in the gaming and film industry. Renee is skilled in using Adobe Suite software, and she has experience with 3D modeling using Blender. She is constantly striving to broaden her knowledge and abilities in design and concept art, and she is particularly passionate about storytelling, character design, and environmental design. Renee has an insatiable appetite for learning and improving her craft, and she is always eager to acquire new skills and techniques.

The Design of Alodal

The world of creatures: dragons, but not only dragons. This is a land full of creatures. They were there before the presence of humans. The Alodal city respects every creature on its land. People live with them and grow up with one soul creature. The special bond between humans and their creature is what made Alodal city even stronger. Among the residents of Alodal, the most revered place is the Sanctuary, where the souls of the elder dragons and other creatures are laid to rest.

The Steampunk City

The steampunk city was buzzing with excitement for the yearly convention of metal creations. People chatted about creating new things for the city, and soon, new steamed metal outfits and never-before-seen transportations devices filled the streets. But one day, a gigantic mechanical dragon-like creature appeared, blocking out the sun and leaving the residents in shock.

Cora’s Journey

Despite the challenges in her path, Cora has never given up on her dream of becoming a robot technician. After years of dedication and hard work, she finally achieves her goal, but her journey is far from over. When one of her closest friends is in peril, Cora and  her trusted companions 04 the robot and Fio embark on a mission to rescue him.