Spencer Manninen

Spencer is an illustrator whose passion lies in painting fantastical animals, though he also dabbles in 2D & 3D creature animation as well. He can often be found working on self-directed writing or animation projects in his spare time, or out trying to beckon stray cats and crows on the street.

Canadian Community Arts Initiative Award

Celestial Creators

A series of fantastical animal paintings made to represent a section from a fictional creation myth, all based on a working xenofiction story of mine called “The Sun Constellation”. The lynx represents air and creation, the bear represents water and gravity, the wolf represents land and prosperity, the fox represents fire and hunting, the crow represents the moon and judgment, and the owl represents wisdom and story.

Owls of Ontario

An informational piece depicting the eleven owl species that make their homes in Ontario.

Night’s Keeper

More concept art of “The Sun Constellation”, its lore, and its mythology.