Ruthe Priebe

Ruthe is a Canadian artist and illustrator based in the Greater Toronto Area.  She takes inspiration from the natural world and all its captivating forms; as well as history, science, and literature.  Her art not only displays a fervent interest in these things but also an affinity for imagination and storytelling.  Ruthe is a lover of stories and aims to give each of her works a story of their own.

Alice’s World Reimagined

A series of six environments based on the odd and amazing world of Alice in Wonderland.  From the turbulent Sea of Tears to the Red Queen’s Topiary Gardens, these illustrations depict the different travelable regions in a hypothetical Alice in Wonderland video game.

Through a Star’s Eyes

‘Through a Star’s Eyes’ is a picture book about childhood, growing up, and making sense of this complicated world.  The story, in which a star comes to Earth as a human girl to experience the world, offers a unique perspective on life, saying that even the simplest of things shouldn’t be taken for granted.

When Centaurs Walked the Earth

Perhaps in the distant past, farmers and merchants lived amongst satyrs and elves.  This project consists of three double-page spreads for an I Spy-style educational history book.  Each illustration displays a scene from a different civilization of the past and includes multiple hidden mythical characters.  The images aim to show how the average people of history lived as well as the mythical creatures they believed to be real by displaying them side-by-side.