Joseph Wang

I am a passionate concept artist with strong skills in creating expressive environments. Forever interested in learning, I stay motivated by uploading several artworks every month to my Art Station page. The majority of my artwork is creating concepts for environments and characters, however, I also enjoy working on my original comics, as well as 3D modeling. I enjoy creating my own universe which I am doing right now on my personal website.


In this story, the world is separated by a variety of forces. The Lodden, a group of outcasts from several major territories, sneak between these powers and try to survive. They may not have the best equipment and weaponry, but they are great survivors, world travellers, and rebels who dare to fight against those in power.


Special Delivery 

The bombing mission was done by Lodden’s squad but the squad experienced an unexpected attack. The enemy seemed to be well aware of their configuration, although the Lodden squad was out with their never-before-seen jump bomber.

Someone Inside of Us  

After experiencing the scavenger ambush, Agatha discovers that someone on the inside provided their information to the enemy. She must root out this threat.


My next project still follows the same universe I created above, but in a completely new approach. The city is the Mandozo Empire, a highly industrial city built near the river. As an industrial power on the Lora Lank continent, it relies on its industrial might to plunder valuable resources from other regions. These digital paintings show every corner of the city,  which is surrounded by a high circular wall that ensures that the army in the city center can quickly deal with threats from any direction.


Chapter 1: City Entering  

Agatha persuades the freighter captain to smuggle the Lodden team into the city. The plan fails when the cargo ship is exposed and destroyed. The Lodden team jumps off a plane onto the wall of the city and makes it into the city.

Chapter 2: The Spark 

Agatha and D680 find themselves in a dangerous city, and Valeria is captured. Meanwhile, Walker and Reynold launch anti-aircraft pods from a second merchant ship into the city. The rebels attack the second wall, and the Rhino squad enters the battle.

Chapter 3: Head-on Conflict  

Agatha faces the Rhino squad, and D680 sacrifices himself to save her. Agatha escapes and receives a message about a second rebel merchant ship ready to launch.