Jess Lu

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Jess, a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. I’m fascinated by people, their stories, and how to tell them through light, shapes, and colour. I want to consciously design in order to solve a visual problem. Also, I want a cat.


This endless flight – Icarus, where is it you want to go, or is it merely the threat of still being here that drives you?

(Proof of concept for a mobile video game where the player flies through an abandoned fantasy world.)

An Exploration On Texture And Mood

A bit of mark making, a lot of colours, and how it all comes together to create an

Legend Of The White Snake

Surely it can’t be that difficult to find one injured, gigantic shape-shifting snake monster in a city, can it?

(Concept for a modern story based loosely on the traditional Chinese legend, “The White Snake”.)