Iris Shan

I thrive in an environment that encourages innovation and experimentation, and I love exploring new concepts. I often bring inspiration and thought-provoking ideas to the table. My diverse background has allowed me to benefit from developing strengths in digital design, graphic design, and illustration.

Wine Label

I have used a vulture and a rose for Prometheus, a celestial horse for Helios, a cow and a moon for Selene, and a seahorse and a grape for Oceanus.

Prometheus, as the god of fire and creativity, was associated with the act of creation and innovation. 

Helios, the god of the sun, is depicted as riding across the sky in a golden chariot pulled by a celestial horse. 

Selene, the goddess of the moon, is associated with fertility and the cycles of life. 

Oceanus, the god of the sea, was often associated with power and abundance.


It is the end of a war, the beginning of everything, there is a teenager named Chris who lost all his relatives, Numbly surviving, he asks a caravan leader to take him in to do odd jobs.

Chris follows the caravan to this border fortress —Sami, (a gray area, a city on the edge of the law, where the three religions come together) the caravan needed to pass through the border and stay in this city for a day.

Chris saw a different world, the dirty streets but everywhere revealed the colour of hope, everyone was trying to live, the teenager’s eyes appeared light, and he had the motivation to live.

The Final Year

It is a couple in love. Kieren, one of the main characters, learns in the spring that he is ill and has only one year to live. They quit their jobs and want to spend the rest of their time traveling around the world. In Figma, it is possible to learn their story interactively and vicariously come to the end of the story for the main character Aiden. 

Easter Egg:

In Figma, you will, as Aiden, go through the album and finally select all and delete it