Catherine Pan

Catherine is an illustrator and concept artist with an obsession for sci-fi and fantasy in games and film. She loves to explore emotions and expressions of life: joy, sadness, passion, anger, and excitement, expressing them using the bold colours and wild ideas formed at her fingertips.

During her off time from drawing, she is often found listening to some music, taking photos, or singing while playing her guitar.

Project Alvador

Project Alvador tells a story of self discovery of the main character, Hestia, through the struggles and hardship of an apocalypse that has killed millions.

Brimming With Music

This is an experimental motion piece where I try to relive the memories and feelings of my first clubbing experience through the use of colours, glitches, and effects. The piece is overlayed with an improvised dance that is recorded within VRChat.


The story of Henótēs tells a tale of two worlds from two very different universes that collided into each other, followed by the birth of a fascinating new world from the chaos and destruction.


There once were four goddesses who created the world that lived in the four hidden corners of the Earth. One day, as the world was thriving, they all disappeared, leaving behind their places of residence where only the bravest adventurers can reach.