Casey Mulloy

Hi there! I’m Casey and I am a concept artist and painter from rural southern Ontario. I am heavily inspired by nature, and by my childhood growing up in a small town. Now based in Oakville, Ontario, my work continues to romanticize the nature I miss, and my love for it. My work focuses on the beauty of nature, especially when it reclaims harsh human spaces and man-made objects. I create atmospheric and moody environments, that give me more freedom to be a storyteller. 

Though my work often conveys more serious themes, I always find time to be unintentionally silly, awkward, and clumsy along the way. I have a fondness for mushrooms, birds, bats, and salamanders. Man, I love salamanders. 


This project is a series of illustrations showing life in our world after an unidentified catastrophe. The life forms that remain there have adapted to the new environment in which they live. Hyenas and flamingos hunt and survive in spaces humans once did. Nature has reclaimed buildings and objects in cities and the people that remain turn to new ways of life. The survivors have created a new life for themselves: foraging, hunting, and fishing. They gather old and new knowledge and share  it amongst one another via a journal, known in the community as a “Field Guide to the New World.”


This series of poster illustrations aims to portray the beauty of National Parks, from Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, to White Sands National Park in New Mexico. It is painted as you would remember it, as if thinking back fondly on your trip to Banff last summer. As climate change threatens the world we love, this series encourages us to protect our natural world and the wonders within it, appreciating it while we still can. 


This animation is an exploration in decay through the floors of an abandoned house. It shows decay from the caved-in roof of an old attic, to a moldy basement littered with fungus and spores.