Bryce Dutt

Bryce Dutt is an illustrator with a focus on environmental and character concept art for video games. Inspired by childhood games, Bryce brings a unique perspective, and a passion for creating immersive worlds and creatures to his artwork.

Battle of Arcturus

This series of environmental pieces showcase the scenes before, during, and after a war between two factions. A devastating war erupted between the peaceful Polyxenes and the aggressive Chitanians, a race of war-mongering crab people who launched a surprise attack from the sea with their advanced weapons. Despite the valiant efforts of the Polyxenes, the Chitanians emerged victorious, claiming the land as their own. However, they soon found that the war had left the once-lush land barren and inhospitable, leaving them with a hollow victory and a bleak future.


These concept illustrations depict a futuristic world inspired by the aesthetics of Tron and the gothic horror of Dracula.

Crustacean Bots

A series of 3D animations showcasing unique crustacean robot designs. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, these robotic designs blend the characteristics of crustaceans with technology. Each animation presents a different robot design, highlighting the intricate mechanics and movements that make each design distinctive.