Aliyah Sara

Aliyah Sara is a tattoo artist and illustrator, currently working at Ink and Water Tattoo located in Toronto. 

Her tattoo portfolio is inspired by providing the African and South Asian Diaspora with a modern way to reclaim their culture’s history, art, and pride. Her illustrations and animations are created with emotion, dueted with poetry, and made to help us connect with our emotions. 

Film, music, master artists from Rajasthan, and artifacts from West Africa inspire her work and process. 

Her own journey and experience as a biracial LGBTQ woman of Jamaican and Ashkenazi descent are also proudly expressed in her work. 

All of her work, regardless of the medium, is made with the intention of connection, acceptance, and healing.


“Sankofa” is a West African term that translates to “go back and get it”. 

It is a post-colonial concept about people of the African Diaspora reclaiming their African roots and history.  These tattoo designs are inspired by traditional West African culture and history.


Tattoo designs inspired by contemporary Black Culture. These designs take traditional concepts and remix them with the perspective of the African Diaspora.

Afro Pick

Head Full of Stars


King Until I Fall

Mother Saturn

Royal DNA

Sad Girls Love Money

Venom Heart

Woman King

Rajasthani Inspired Tattoos

This tattoo flash series is inspired by “Rajasthani Miniature Paintings”. These paintings are elaborate in detail, lush with nature, and full of symbolism.

Editorial Work