Alicia Tian

Alicia is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Her work is bold, vibrant, and weaves together patterns and colours with playful energy. She loves to use abstract shapes in drawings of cityscapes, figures, and anything else she can dream up.

The Intracerebral World

The Intracerebral Maze is a graphic book based on hypothetical human brain functions. This series of illustrations will elaborate on the overlapping sentiments and impulses generated from the human brain, using abstract graphics to show the complexity of a person’s innermost thoughts.

Do You Believe in UFOs?

An informational poster listing the 10 most commonly reported UFO shapes. The shapes are ranked according to the number of sighting reports the US National UFO Reporting Center receives.

The Little Knights

Once upon a time, there were two little knights named Devin and Kevin. They were brave and courageous, always eager to help others in need.

One day, they received a message that a prince had been abducted by an evil sorcerer and was being kept captive in his castle. Without a second thought, Devin and Kevin decided to embark on a mission to save the prince.

To reach the castle, they needed to cross the ocean, which was filled with monsters and dangerous creatures. Armed with their swords and shields, they boarded a little boat and sailed off toward their destination…

Daily English in Public

English conversation practice is the most powerful method to understand the language. Conversation helps you get the speaking practice you need and improves your listening skills along the way. Breathe deeply, remind yourself that you are strong and that your thoughts are worth hearing.